The 4C Advantage

The only company in India that provides anything to do with facade.

We provide Facade Engineering, Facade Access Systems and Facade Maintenance services. 4C would be your OPC-One Point Contact and a Single Window Service Provider (SWSP) for any of your facade requirements.

I am sure everyone would have come across this situation, and hence appreciate the efforts taken by 4C in serving their customers. Generally the facade engineer's job is over the moment they handover the projects to the client, they neither design the Facade Access Systems nor provide Facade Maintenance Service simply because they don't have the sheer expertise to do so.

Remember designing or engineering facade means only 75% of the clients facade requirement is over and the remaining 25% is about accessing & maintaining the facade, which none of the service provider is able to deliver today besides 4C. Hence the buck stop here, the facade engineers cribs either the civil or the maintenance for any obvious problems, this is something which we can neither preach or practice in 4C as we are the SWSP.

The most important factor that we practice at 4C both the project team and the work at height team complement each other and share the technical knowhow between them. Both are inseparable twins and dependent on each other when it comes to delivering the project on time. The knowledge required for fabrications, installations, commissioning etc are supported by engineering division for work at height division and the knowledge required for height access & safety is provided by work at height division to engineering division. This is exactly the reason why our customers get single window service for facade engineering, Access Systems and maintenance at a reasonable cost and service par excellence.

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