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Facade services - cleaning, waterproofing & maintenance

Facade Maintenance:

Given below are the lists of facade maintenance services offered by 4C, for all these services unlike other vendors we don't use scaffolding for accessing height we instead use Rope Access professionals, who are any day quicker, cheaper than mantling & dismantling scaffoldings that are costly and restricts physical movements.

Facade Waterproofing, Silicone Filling & Sealants Application:

Over the period of use, the silicon due to its expansion and contraction properties, applications of improper sealants for the purpose, poor thermal resistance, normal wear & tear and bird biting etc though all these factors may not affect the structural stability of the glazing system it becomes imperative to apply sealant for water resistance. This application can be done by 4C with Utmost care and quality with team 4C without putting any scaffolding. Apart from the facade waterproofing we also provide water proofing solutions for civil hairline cracks using Products like Greenseal, Fosroc, Dr.Fixit etc.

ACP & Facade Glass Replacements:

Breakage of glass for various reasons is pretty common on the modern buildings that have got glazing system on the facade of the building. Though replacing the same is not only costly and challenging but the team that replaces should have in depth knowledge of the specifications of the glass like color, type, nature, brand etc to maintain the symmetry on the facade.

Facade Cleaning:

Though this is something that is offered by any facade cleaners today, we at 4C not only clean it but maintain the facade.

Building Cleaning:

Building Cleaning: if you are in the process of cleaning the entire exteriors walls of your building be it walls, glazing systems, ACP Cladding, Granite Cladding or any other material cladding we shall power wash your entire building using heavy duty power washers like washing before painting and post painting cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning:

If your chimney has got too much of carbon deposits, and smoke that comes out of the chimney is dark black, that's time to clean your chimney to keep the environment healthy and non polluted. Crew of 4C can do a confined space entry with all safety measures to restore the chimney.

Protective Coating:

Any metal structures like furnace, Pipes, GI Sheets on the roof etc, that needs to be protected with protective coatings, we can do sand blasting and apply primer, protective coating like epoxy etc using Fosroc, Berger etc.

High Rise Buildings Paintings:

Painting High rise building were never so easy and professional, we at 4C do a professional washing of the entire building, apply external primers and can paint with 2 coats of professional paint with weather resistance and warranty. We use brands like Asian, Nerolac, ICI, Nippon, Jotun & Berger etc. We use heavy duty power spraying guns for painting, using Rope Access Techniques. The entire cost of mantling & dismantling scaffolding, Huge rentals paid, Time, energy are saved. The productivity, quality of painting, on time delivery and safety are achieved by 4C in this area of service.

Factory Cleaning:

Removal of Cobwebs & Fine Dusting, from the wall, ceiling, Truss cleaning, Roof Sheets cleaning etc this is something that your general housekeeping company would hesitate to do, we at 4C practice this on a day to day basis. We are the pioneers in providing such a professional service for a largest factory in India.

Confined Space Entry & Cleaning:

As entry and exit points are limited, hazardous gases, vapours, or mists can create treacherous conditions and room to work is restricted confined spaces provide some of the most dangerous and stressful work environments. Cleaning the residue from crude oil, condensate or hydrocarbon fuels that have been stored in tanks requires training, gear, and the know-how to safely and effectively complete the task. We do provide confined space cleaning service for any kind of industries all over in South India.

Facade Access Systems - Anchorage Hooks/Eye Bolts:

We are the only company in India, who does anything to do with facade, be it facade engineering, maintenance and access systems. We design a suitable facade access system for future maintenance of facade keeping in mind the following criteria's: budget, design of the building, operational feasibility & Spiderman productivity & Safety which many companies fail to do. One of the most economical & easy to maintain solutions would be chemically fastening of Anchorage hooks/Eye Bolts.

Facade Access Systems - Tubular Tracks, Terrace Rigs and Cradle/Gondola:

These systems need not be created unless it is really required; these are systems which are generally installed by many corporate without knowing the fact that this system itself requires lot of maintenance and proved costly many times.

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