Signage Installations

Signage installations on high-rise building

Glasshoppers partners with major signage contractors to install sign boards at heights, as generally the signage contractors like anybody else have challenges to reach and fix signages at heights.

Outdoor Signage boards and letters made up of like Acrylic, cast aluminium, SS and other metal letters are generally of bigger dimensions in sizes and in weights too. 3M Sticker Wall Graphics installing on the facades requires, dedication, patience and skill as the work involved is fixing multiple sizes of stickers to achieve the one graphic design.

Actually installing a signage work may last for 3 to 4 days and for such a small time, if the signage contractors have to install a huge scaffolding, not only increases the cost, but delays the project and causes physical disturbance too.

Signage Installations

Therefore the signage's are installed thorough Industrial rope access contractors like Glasshoppers.

We provide installations supports to various signage majors at a competitive price.

signage installation 1
signage installation 2

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