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4C has been specializing in facade cleaning services, restoration & maintenance services for over a decade under the supervision of vibrant team of facade experts who always curious to evaluate new products, equipment, technology that supports in developing better level of solutions in the field of facade cleaning.

4C, the facade glass cleaning professionals, provides safe and cost effective facade cleaning solutions in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore & Cochin at present and mapping for further expansion.

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facade cleaning

4C always strives to guarantee its clients 'more than expected' satisfaction. With the satisfaction of its existing clients, which returns more and more references, 4C has been on the track of continued growth and success.

Necessities of Facade Cleaning

Clean & Fresh Look
In general, the appearance of a building first comes to mind before we put our best foot forward and therefore a clean exterior attracts more than a dirty one. A building looks its best when free of filth and tinge that gloom its most evident and vulnerable element, its facade.

Factory Facade Cleaning
Factory Facade Cleaning
Factory Facade Cleaning
Factory Facade Cleaning
Factory Facade Cleaning

To clean the facade of a building situated in the country is typically far less an effort than a building located in an urban area. The rural building may demand barely water soaking to remove placid dirt, while the urban building's facade would most likely involve a more effusive cleaning effort to remove rough stain to achieve the same level of cleanliness.

Preservation From Impairment
Apart from the cleaning of the exterior of the facade, it is also necessary to review the condition of a masonry substrate when the facade is covered in stain or a coating. In order to find out those areas, which need to be repaired, patched or, in some cases, to even correctly identify the substrate the facade should be cleaned of all facets that prevent its proper assessment.

Facade cleaning service also preserves facade from impairment by removing destructive pollutants such as sulfur, nitrogen oxides and other acid rain pollutants.

As aggregation of heavy surface dumps contribute to the progressive decay of masonry surfaces, the guidance of the facade design professional must be sought to find a balance between the building's facade cleanliness and free of any impurities that may scare the substrate.

The Right Cleaning Method
Choosing and implementing the most suitable cleaning method for the surface is very important to guarantee a successful facade cleaning task. Protection against damage to the workforce, to the building, to the site and to the surroundings should be considered carefully.

Facade Cleaning Methods

All facade cleaning jobs fall into one of four categories: Chemical, Non-Chemical, Abrasive and a combination of these methods.

Water Cleaning Methods:

Water Soaking:
A slow, steady flow of water is used over the facade to relax dirt and cleanse it away. This is a very effective method on limestone and glazed brick kind of facades.

Pressure Washing: 
In this method, pressurized water blasts contaminants away from the facade. This procedure is effective on stone, masonry and concrete for the removal of light to moderate atmospheric and organic staining. Facades with grease and oil stains may require hot water cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning Methods:
This cleaning method uses chemical products to rout out the tough facade stains, by dissolving them and allowing them to be rinsed away. Though the list of available chemical cleaners for different types of facade surfaces is long and varied, they fall into one of the following four categories: Acidic Cleaners, Alkaline Cleaners, Organic Solvents and Special Detergents.

Abrasive Cleaning Methods: 
Abrasive cleaning is a unique method, which is designed to completely remove the outer portion of the substrate on which the stain settles, rather than merely dissolving and washing away the stain alone.

Aluminum Cleaning Methods: 
Mild cleaners, abrasive and etching cleaners, solvent and emulsion cleaners, steam cleaners and power-driven brushes are among the methods used in the cleaning process of aluminum facades.

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