Façade Retrofitting

Façade Retrofitting services

Façade Retrofitting are fabrication services done to the existing façade either to add or remove some parts of the façade to meet specific purposes or functions, which wasn't envisaged during the design stages or simply the requirements have changed with the change in business needs. In the last decade, we have provided the following façade retrofitting services:

façade retrofitting 1
façade retrofitting 2
  • To create additional openings in the façade, likewise to close the existing openings which is no longer required?
  • To create vents on the façade through louvers, to increase air exchanges and to bring light in case of cladding materials and to reduce light in case of glazing.
  • To fit new architectural fit-outs. To remove architectural components which does more harm than any good?
  • To partly or completely remove the façade and re-fix the entire system wherever required or to simply remove and stack it in the warehouse, as the need for such a façade material becomes redundant and to replace with new façade materials etc.

Should you have a need for Façade Retrofitting Services; Glasshoppers can provide the same, with its expertise in façade at a competitive price and deliver in a short time.

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