Façade Restoration Services

Façade Restoration Services

Façade restoration services are façade engineering services provided to restore or save or salvage the façade, depending upon its level of obsoleteness. In simple words, this is a facade, that was not maintained properly over the period of time and we have reached a point where, either we have to make it or break it. Make it good to continue using it or break it to make the better functional use of this skin and to avoid façade failures. Various facade restoration services are detailed below, for an understanding:

facade restoration 1
facade restoration 2
  • To re-strengthen the frameworks, brackets and anchors and if needed to make it safe, create additional supports.
  • To remove and replace glasses or ACP or any other cladding materials, as the case may be, depending upon its damage.
  • To remove the existing worn and torn sealants in full and re-apply new weather grade sealants etc.
  • To check and change window accessories like handles, hinges and system accessories like EPDM rubber gaskets etc as required.
  • To do any other façade engineering work as required, in restoring the façade to its original form.

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