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High Rise Building Exterior Painting Services & Building Water Proofing Services for Walls and Terrace

Exclusive Exterior Painting Contractors-Glass Hoppers helps you, to explore exterior painting in a quick and safe way.

The most economical way of protecting the exteriors of the building and off course for aesthetically showing up and buying some envies, painting is the best option. Building elevations can be painted with the beauty of vibrant colors from the painting pallets of Asian, Berger, Nerolac, Nippon, and Dulux etc.

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Today the technologies in painting are so advanced that the painting and waterproofing have almost become one and same, thanks to the use of silicone & elastomers etc. Acrylic polymer emulsions also protect the outdoors from ultraviolet rays and sun. To add-up, lamination guard technology of Asian paints has taken building painting and waterproofing services to the next level.

The Terrace can be painted with Heat Resistant paints or Cool Roof Paints to reduce heat radiations upto 5 degrees. Terrace waterproofing process has been explained down the page.

Industrial Painting of metal Structures like stacks, chimney, columns, trusses, rafters, purlins etc are painted with enamels or polyurethane or epoxies and Clear coats as an overlay etc. Clear coat is a resin, applied as an overlay on a colored resin and gives the metal structure a better look and protects the paint skin from ultraviolet rays. Clear coats are harder, do not have pigmentations, colors and are less resistant to oxidation and color fading.  Berger paints have performed and has a proven track record for some quality industrial painting supplies.

Though the choice of painting materials are in abundance, the quality of painting depends on how well the surface is prepared. The surface needs additional preparation, if the surface has got dampness and water ingress. Asian, Berger, Nerolac, Nippon and Dulux exterior emulsions paints, comes in various variants; warranties and cost that suits ones budget, are available in the market. An experienced outdoor painting contractor can help you choose the most appropriate solutions for your building exterior painting and waterproofing services.

The process:

  • Surface Preparation Process:
    The surface has to be prepared by power washing and by rinsing the surface very hard. Wherever required the non structural dormant cracks to be " V " notched and cracks to be filed with crack fills of acrylic or cementious, or polymer modified cementious products of Asian or Perma Acri or Fosroc.
    Non structural active cracks shall be filled with PU based Sealants. This helps in better sealing, bonding and helps in water resistance. Minor cracks, do not need all these fillers, as the exterior acrylic emulsions paints takes care of this, with its elastometric properties.
  • Additional Waterproofing Process:
    Water proofing results are better when the exterior painters apply a coat of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex mixed with white cement for Bonding, Strength and for water resistance.
  • Weather Proof Painting Process:
    Thereafter the exterior painting surfaces shall be applied with a base coat and two coats of exterior weather proof emulsion paint of Asian Apex Ultima or Protek or Dulux Weathershield.

Exterior Painting Contractors:
Another important factor for quality and durability of the painting depends upon the attitude, skill and knowledge of the painting contractors. Painting contractors should know to, exactly cherry pick, the most appropriate painting and waterproofing materials, from the myriad of materials available in the market.

"Time is the essence of any contract" and same is very important, when it comes to building exterior painting services, as the painting contractors have got enough of challenges with regard to skilled manpower and in selecting suitable work at heights system, as both of these directly contribute to the painting project's completion time.

The most ideal system for exterior painting services, building painting services and especially high rise painting services are industrial rope access system, as this completely eliminates the physical disturbance and movements restriction caused by scaffolding and saves from the laborious time and cost involved in mantling and dismantling the scaffolding system. Small time painting contractors largely rely on country made local ropes called "Dokku", as a work positioning system to access heights, though it is convenient but highly unsafe and dangerous.

Give us an opportunity to paint your building, to feel professional exterior painting services at its best.

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