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Glass Hoppers is the work at heights Division of 4C Corporate Services

Glass Hoppers one of the leading height access and work at heights Brand in the country. Glass Hoppers undertake and provide solutions for the various work at heights services like High Rise Building Paintings, Factory Roof Truss Cleaning & Paintings, Chimney Paintings, Fa├žade maintenance services viz Fa├žade Cleaning, Sealant applications, Replacement of Damaged ACP & Broken Glass and any other work at heights with extreme risks. We provide services without the use of expensive heavy machinery, thereby providing our clients the optimal results within affordable rates. Glass Hoppers are a team of exceptionally well trained and seasoned height access professionals, who can skillfully address the various Challenges of work at heights . By relying on professionals well versed at work at height and rope access environments, we tackle the now traditional approach of using dreary height access machineries still popular with our peers, we move in a step closer to achieve what was asked of us by our clients but more spirited and toned to the individuality of our customers.

Glasshoppers squad also undertake projects in high rise painting services to all kinds of constructs that spans from residential buildings, offices , IT parks to industries. We have experienced professionals working under us who cater to our clients' idea and brushing it up to perfection but instead of using heavy machinery such as scaffolding our height access professionals use rope access technology to provide a more endearing and artful human touch than the same unvaried machine couloring. Our squad finishes up your projects toning up and down with paint types, colour choices and application modes according your wish while giving you professional craftsmanship that will make your building stand out as work of art.

Glasshoppers is one of the leading and most sought after work at heights Brand within the country. Our staff are highly experienced in the field of of rope access and height access maintenance and construction. Unlike our peers Glasshoppers do not work with heavy lustreless scaffolding and other dreaded heavy machineries that could only provide an already programmed and monotonus solution to their customers whereas our trained manpower brings forth a human intervention within our delivered solutions that cares for the entirety of the constructs and leaving no traces of imperfection. As heavy machineries restrict physical movements , our rope access professionals uses customized light weight technology to get to the places where our peers and their dull machines fail to reach.

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