High Rise Building Cleanings

High rise building window cleanings and commercial pressure washing

The building surfaces over the period of time collects dirt, mud deposits, algae and moss from the spilled waters from water lines, plants and fungus due to reactions etc. As a result of it the colors starts fading and the surface starts flaking and plastering starts to worn out as patches resulting in undulations and making it look dull and poor. Normal cleaning and hand washing may not be of much use and hence power washing with high pressure jet machines is recommended. Deep Cleaning and periodical pressure washing services helps to maintain the integrity of the building too.

Before painting too this process is advised. The building exteriors has to be power washed before priming, to remove dirt, deposit of strains, as civil the surface are porous and can hold dirt deep down, that's why generally before providing the building exterior painting services, pressure washing with Power Jet Machines are advised.

high rise building cleaning 1
high rise building cleaning 2
high rise building cleaning

Power washing services helps in removing the dirt deposits, moss, algae, black patches, fungus etc from the surface walls and makes it clean to receive a coat of priming and helps in bonding better and enhance paint durability.

The water can be a normal tap water at room temperature. However before providing this service, the occupants of the building shall be informed for storing water for their domestic use and for protecting things that are kept out in balconies, around the peripheries etc. The dirty water will fall down from the building as they clean. Cleaning and draining of water collected at ground level to be planned, as these services are generally not covered under painting contractor's scope.

Building Deep Cleaning & building power washing services can also be taken as a separate service, if the clients are not prepared for painting, however wants the building to look neat, clean as regular upkeep and maintenance.

The cost shall workout much cheaper if this done through Industrial Rope Access Professionals like GlassHoppers as scaffolds can be avoided.

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