Chimney Cleaning

Industrial factory chimney Painting, cleaning, & coating services

Chimney Cleaning/sweeping

The chimney needs cleaning if bricks appear black or "furry". Some chimneys which have not yet been cleaned often enough may have become glazed. These chimneys cannot be cleaned using a standard brush, and require expensive chemical treatment. Besides being expensive they become a dangerous risk to a chimney fire. Hence periodical inspection & cleaning of chimney is mandatory as per the fire codes.

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4C' industrial chimney cleaning services can help make your place & facilities safer by preventing such chimney fires with clean chimneys. We do clean any type of chimneys like Concrete Chimneys, Brick Chimneys, Steel Industrial Chimneys & Flare Stacks.

We can work on a range of facilities and structures including steel towers and bridges, multiple vacuum towers, flare stacks, steel boiler stacks, crude heater and hydro cat cracker stacks, tanks, vessels, silos, ductwork, structural steel, pipe bridges, factory chimneys and other plant components.

Our chimney cleaning professionals will perform the following steps in cleaning the chimney:

  • Clean the chimney flue from top to bottom.
  • Clean the smoke shelf, damper, and firebox.
  • Perform a safety inspection ā€“ inside the chimney and out. This inspection will allow us to make recommendations in order to satisfy code, and prevent extensive and expensive damages to your chimney and surroundings.

Chimney Coating/Painting

Our specialties include industrial smoke stack painting and industrial chimney painting.

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