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Professional Confined Space Entry & Tank Cleaning Services

Confined space entry & cleaning: The most dangerous task

As entry and exit points are limited, hazardous gases, vapours, or mists can create treacherous conditions and room to work is restricted confined spaces provide some of the most dangerous and stressful work environments. Cleaning the residue from crude oil, condensate or hydrocarbon fuels that have been stored in tanks requires training, gear, and the know-how to safely and effectively complete the task.

4C - The pioneers in confined space entry & tank cleaning

Our confined space and tank cleaning service ranges from simple brush down and vacuum, to removal of gross amounts of loose contaminants, to pressure washing with an approved detergent pre-spray, to air-chiseling and jack hammering to remove heavy product build-up.

Our industrial, factory cleaning service crews routinely clean tanks, tank cars, process vessels, and chemical reactors that contain an assortment of chemicals, including various acids, caustic sludges, formaldehyde, phenols, miscellaneous lubricating oils etc.

For over ten years, we have assisted numerous clients with the handling of chemicals, sludge and solids removal in hazardous confined spaces and cleans hundreds of silos and storage bins each year across South India including major cities like Chennai, Bangaluru, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin.

Confined Space & Tank Cleaning Process

Proper risk assessment of each confined space is mandatory to decide the necessary actions required and gearing up the team to sport an appropriate Personal Protective Equipments (PPE). For this, 4C utilizes state-of-the-art equipments to test the inner and outer condition of the confined space, prior to start and as well as while the work is being completed. Continuous monitoring is observed to track the toxic gas levels, to ensure that correct oxygen levels are present, and to alert the presence of combustible gases etc.

We follow stringent regulations for monitoring the conditions and activities inside and outside of the working area to make sure that all safety rules and procedures are followed during the entry and cleaning process. Maintaining visual contact and communication with the workers within the confined space, monitoring the atmosphere for toxic and dangerous gases, and alarming appropriately when an incident occurs also followed for higher safety.

4C do the needed tests to determine the most efficient and safest approach to dispose all the types of waste materials that are generated during the cleaning process.

Equipped and Trained Specialists

For us, the safety of our employees and yours is the highest priority.

Our team members are intensively trained to work in confined space environments to handle any hazardous chemicals, toxic gases they may encounter. They also got additional training in the use of rigging, ropes etc.

They are equipped with breathing air cascade systems, airline supplied respirators, SCBAs, tripods, ventilation equipment and all the necessary tools in accordance with all regulations and specifications to perform confined space entries in a safe and efficient manner.

Our range of industrial cleaning services:

  • Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Vessels Cleaning
  • Silos Cleaning
  • Storage Bins Cleaning
  • Railcar Tank Cleaning
  • Hopper Cleaning
  • Vault Cleaning
  • Pits Cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Chemical Wash Vat Cleaning
  • Frac Tank Cleaning
  • H2S Treater Cleaning
  • Natural Gas Scrubber Cleaning
  • Process Vessels Cleaning
  • Pump Sump Cleaning
  • Railroad Tank Cars Cleaning
  • and more...

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