Facade Sealant Applications Services or Facade Waterproofing Services

Jun 30, 2021


A corporate customer in OMR had approached Glass Hoppers for facade waterproofing services after having tried a few small-time vendors through Google.

The client had severe water leakages through various parts of the facade and almost at every floor level. The client had built the facade as an ā€œopen groove semi unitized systemā€ This means the groove will not be filled through sealants but will remain open or rather void, however, the system will internally have a barrier system made up of EPDM rubbers, this will keep the water outside the system. If you ask me personally, the client had spent good money and has actually bought a good system.


Though the system was designed carefully but poorly installed, that was the main reason for water ingress, to add fire to the fuel, the small-time facade maintenance contractors had applied sealant selectively, making the water from several parts ingress but did not find a way to go out of the system, as the system was selectively filled with sealants. On the whole, the facade was waterlogged without a proper inbuilt drain system.


Glass Hoppers devised a simple but powerful solution by converting the entire facade from open groove system to "Pressure Plate & Cover Cap System" meaning the open groove shall be sealed with Aluminum Pressure Plate and capped with "Decorative Cover Cap System", This performs better, as it not only covers void but also the ends have got rubber barriers, that keeps the water outside and even by chance if the water seeps in, the same shall be drained out through an inbuilt weep hole in the system.

All the ends were properly terminated with flashing sheets thus keeping the water outside permanently. Thus the facade and the floors were saved by team Glass Hoppers.

Should you need Facade Sealant Applications or Facade Waterproofing Services, please write to us @ jayanth@4ccs.in

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