Fascade ACP Installation Services or Fascade ACP Replacements

Jul 31, 2021

Aluvations the fascade engineering arm of 4CCS had taken up the construction of Foot over bridge design & engineering. The foot over bridge was on the main road connecting 2 hospitals and helping patients to keep by foot and cross safely by using the bridge.

Aluvations wanted the services of Glass Hoppers for fixing the ACP panels underneath the ceiling of the bridge at heights as scaffolding or boom or any other work at heights system was not conducive, as the same has to be installed under the bridge which was on the main road, this will paralyze the traffic.


To fix Frameworks & ACP panels underneath the ceilings of the bridge without installing any of the work at height system, that will affect the movement of traffic, so practically one cannot use scaffolding, Boom etc


Glass hoppers requested both framework and ACP fixing needs to be monolithic unit, so that the work can be done to perfection without having to align the framework once and ACP sheets again, as the work positioning under the bridge with such heavy panels are too difficult. In short we were asking for prefabricated panels.

Aluvations accommodated this and created pre-fabricated panels by designing the ACP as unitized panels. As each panel were of larger size that is 3050MM x 1240MM, they had to increase the mullion and transom size to avoid deflection but were adding weight to the panels.

Though it was adding weight, the job of the glass hoppers were to fasten through bolts at 4 corners, this was done on a jiffy the by team Glasshoppers by deploying 4 industrial rope access professional in all 4 corners, likewise, we had to fix 20 Panels and the job was done on 2 nights. The work ended so smoothly as the rigging was too perfect.

Should you need any Fascade ACP Cladding Installation Services or ACP Cladding Replacements services or Broken Glass Replacements Services please write to jayanth@4ccs.in 

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