How Glasshoppers Uses Best Project Management Practises to Achieve Success

Apr 12, 2021


Working at heights is not an easy task, and every major industry vertical right from manufacturing to petrochemical has scope for this activity. Even in service industries like hospitality, software, and others, the facade of the building will need cleaning, and this will involve a work-at-height scenario. In the case of e-commerce service providers, warehouses will need periodic cleaning, both in the interior and exterior, for continued maintenance of quality and other certifications, general health, and hygiene.

As the largest rope access company in India, ‘Glasshoppers’ offers a plethora of services, including but not limited to facade cleaning services in Chennai, industrial chimney painting in Coimbatore, industrial roof cleaning in Bangalore, and high rise painting in Cochin. With over a decade of experience in this line, we bring rich insight to every touchpoint, and we have earned an enviable reputation for our safety, quality of work, and process innovations.

Some of the ideas that we use to achieve success are

1)   Through job study and scope definition

Every assignment, whether it is industrial chimney painting in Chennai,  industrial chimney cleaning services in Chennai, industrial Roof Cleaning in Chennai, industrial roof painting in Chennai, high rise painting in Chennai, factory roof painting in Chennai, facade cleaning services in Chennai, facade maintenance services in Chennai or any other location (Pan India), is unique and presents its own sets of challenges.

Glasshoppers take pride in analyzing each assignment and bringing a comprehensive analysis to the table. Our discussions with customers are holistic and realistic, with all practical considerations. This scope definition indicates the boundaries, roles, and responsibilities and ensures transparency in operations and decision-making.

2)   Rigorous planning

After the scope is agreed upon, we get to the planning stage. This involves engaging with customers on suitable timelines and also balancing the needs of the specific industry. Since our initial scope definition is comprehensive and we are fearless in asking the right questions, the planning component is much easier. Challenges encountered are not only about access but also the nature of the job, wind, weather and climatic conditions, among others, and these challenges unique to each site can be tackled with sound plans in place.

3)   Execution

A great plan is only as good as its execution. While it may seem a snarky observation, it carries the essence of truth.

Team Glass hoppers have highly trained associates for all work at height scenarios. Further, we have a matchless safety record and have over a decade of experience in this line. This ensures that even if we do encounter localised challenges, we have the right resources, tools, and techniques to overcome them and complete the project on time, without any compromise on quality. Our customers are our best ambassadors to our work, and our client list includes leading names like DLF, Hyundai, TCS, Siemens, Reliance and many more.

 4)   Monitoring and Feedback

All activities are thoroughly supervised and monitored. The safety equipment we use is among the best in the industry. While we specialise in rope access, we also adopt suitable methods as need be to that specific condition, including scaffolding, listing and access equipment like scissor lifts and booms, among others. We are among the best rope access companies in India and a leading company offering facade glass replacement services.

Close monitoring and site supervision not only contributes to reducing the risk of accidents but also provide early notice for course corrections. We also keep our customers posted on the progress of the various tasks through open communication channels and ensure that any deviations and observations are immediately highlighted and discussed.

5)   Closure

Once we have completed the project, we undertake a formal sign-off. We value customer feedback and look to continually improve our process. Further, we also undertake any routine maintenance as need be, and these aspects and other service offerings are discussed as separate contracts. With fair pricing, solid project management, and a win–win approach in mind, we build genuine relationships with customers and deliver business value.

While the above is just a general description of what we do, we are open to different process methodologies and activities. Every worksite is unique, and our methods are tailored to each location as required.

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