How to Choose a Good Industrial Roof Cleaning Contractor

Apr 17, 2021


Factories, industries and warehouses need periodic cleaning and maintenance of the roofing structure, both on the inside and the outside. While the impulse is to Google for a company with search terms like industrial roof cleaning in Chennai, factory roof cleaning company in Hyderabad or industrial roof cleaning service provider, one needs to separate the wheat from the chaff to achieve success and protect the organizations reputation.

Factory roof cleaning operations involve working at heights, and there are corresponding risks associated with the same. Only a professional roof cleaning company and not some adhoc contractors can provide value. Below are some of the points to consider in order to choose a good industrial roof cleaning contractor in India. It is worth noting that these same conditions are applicable when looking for warehouse roof cleaning service providers in India or factory roof cleaning contractors in India.

1)   Evidence of legal Compliance

One of the most basic items to check will be the legal compliance of the contractor. Do they have the relevant paperwork and demonstrate compliance in all aspects? This includes but is not limited to:


 I.         Personnel (ESI and EPF, Workman's compensation Insurance Policy & Individual employee insurance policy)

II.         CAR Policy-Contractors all risk policy for coverage and indemnification in the event of untoward incidents and accidents to protect all stakeholders.

III.        Indirect Tax compliance (GST filing, returns)

IV.        Direct Tax compliance (Income Tax & TDS)

  V.       Company registration details(if the contractor is a proprietor and cannot be enforced in the event of a risk, the risk still vests on principal employer in this case it is the client.)

VI.        MSME Compliance


2)   Certification of lifting equipment, tools, and tackles

As per the Factory Act amendments (and the latest The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020, which has received Presidential assent but is yet to be notified in the official gazette at the time of writing this blog), all lifting equipment, tools, and tackles used must be certified by a competent person. This person is defined to be a chartered engineering professional appointed by the Factories Commissioner. Only such equipment is to be used in industrial premises for all operations involving work at heights. The prospective factory roof cleaning service agency must be able to produce these certificates and only use the certified and verified equipment.

3)   Industry exposure and experience

Cleaning the interior part of the factory roof is not easy. Some places will be inaccessible, like the purlins and will require special equipment like booms to access the same. Similarly, some industries like pharma and food processing are extremely sensitive to contamination, and hence, all equipment and machinery inside the premises must be covered. So, a study of the past projects and an interview with the involved personnel will give an idea of the capability of the warehouse roof cleaning agency.

4)   Ability to complete on time

Time is money, and factories and warehouses cannot have long shutdowns. So, the industrial roof cleaning contractor must have sufficient resources, tools and techniques to complete the factory interior roof cleaning task on time. Further, there may be unique challenges specific to your setup and industry, which will need good planning, foresight and innovation to solve. So, enough checkpoints need to be put in place so that the contractor is able to demonstrate on-time completion, even before starting the roof cleaning project.

5)   Safety culture of the industrial roof cleaning contractor

Operational safety can have deep financial and reputational repercussions if not handled properly. Working at height involves the risk of equipment falls, slips and trips. The prospective service provider must be able to demonstrate a culture of safety, have a systematic approach with Job Safety Analysis (JSA), risk assessment and mitigation considerations, among others.

Factory interior and exterior roof cleaning operations are specialized in nature, and Glasshopper sticks all the right boxes to be your partner in success. As the largest rope access company in India, we bring key insight to every touchpoint and have a 100% legal compliance and on-time completion record. Our personnel involved in industrial roof cleaning services are well trained, skilled and have a high degree of safety consciousness and hence deliver unmatched value to every operation. All our equipment is certified, and we have exposure to different industries and business verticals in our 10+ years of service.

Have some more questions or an assignment for us? Feel free to reach out to us!

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